What is the expense involved in constructing an exhibition booth?

  Cost of Building an Exhibition Stand

  The cost of building an exhibition stand can vary widely based on several factors, including the size of the stand, the complexity of the design, the

  and the geographical location where the exhibition is being held. Here’s a breakdown of what typically influences the cost and the specifics for the Maeander Exhibition’s offer in the UAE:

  Factors Influencing Cost:

  Size of the Stand: Larger stands require more materials and labor, which increases the cost. The cost is often calculated per square meter.

  Design Complexity: Custom designs with intricate details, multimedia elements, or unique construction can significantly raise the price.

  Materials Used: High-quality or specialty materials can increase costs, as can the need for durable materials that can withstand heavy foot traffic.

  Location: Costs can vary by country or city depending on local labor rates, transportation fees, and the cost of materials.

  Services Included: Design and build services, AV equipment, furniture rental, lighting, graphics, and flooring can all add to the base cost.

  Maeander Exhibition’s Pricing:

  Maeander Exhibition offers one of the lowest prices for exhibition stands in the UAE, starting at 199 AED per square meter. This pricing can be appealing for businesses looking to participate in expos without a hefty investment in stand construction. Here’s what you might consider when evaluating this offer:

  Base Price Per Square Meter: This likely covers the basic structure and setup. It’s important to confirm what is included in this base price, such as standard materials and basic layout.

  Additional Costs: Inquire about costs for customization options, like special design features, digital displays, and enhanced lighting or sound systems.

  Total Cost Calculation: To estimate the total cost, multiply the base rate by the square meters of your desired stand size. For example, a 20 sqm stand would cost approximately 3980 AED.

  Comparison Shopping: Compare this rate with other providers to ensure you are getting a good deal in terms of both cost and quality.


  Clarify Inclusions: Make sure to understand exactly what is included in the 199 AED per sqm rate. Confirm whether you need to budget extra for essential features or if there are any hidden costs.

  Budget for Extras: If you plan to incorporate advanced features or high-end materials, set aside additional funds.

  Plan Ahead: Early planning can help you secure better prices and ensure that all elements of your stand are well-coordinated.

  By considering these factors and following the recommendations, you can effectively budget for your exhibition stand while ensuring it meets your specific needs and attracts visitors at the expo.

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