How To Choose The Best LED Screen For Company Trade Show

Company Trade Show LED Screen is commonly used to spice up attendees’ and participants’ viewing experiences。For example:Put an LED Screen in the exhibition hall, which can play company introduction, PPT, live pictures and videos, new product introduction, etc.

How To Choose

If you are not an AV (Audio Visual) expert, then selecting the correct LED advertising screen or LED event screen, may appear a daunting prospect. It is important to learn and understand the basic features of LED display screens to help make the right choice. This knowledge provides a firm foundation for your search process. As you talk to LED Screen Companies, you need to know the kind of questions you must ask about brightness, pixel pitch, and quality.

Here are just some questions you must have the answers to so that you can funnel your selection:

  • What is the likely viewing distance the subject would be from the LED Screen?
  • What level of detail is the content going to have?
  • Is the screen going to be exposed to the elements & full sun?
  • How is the screen going to be mounted? Does space require a particular curvature or shape etc?
  • By answering these questions, you should be on your way to shortlisting your new LED Screens that better match your requirements.

Tips to consider:

Give yourself time: Do not rush through your decision while selecting your LED screens. Give yourself ample time to conduct thorough research on the right LED products for your business and situation.

Identify your purpose: This task may seem basic, but it will have a huge influence on the kind of product you choose and their specifications. Identifying your needs will help you determine the kind of pixel pitch, processing variables, and brightness you require from your LED screen. These features will impact the pricing of the product. Therefore, identify the purpose for which you require the LED screens. Do you need a higher resolution screen or a lower resolution? Do you want to use it for outdoor purposes or indoor use? Answers to these questions will help you narrow down your search effectively.

Focus on your content/video quality: The quality of content is often overlooked while discussing LED display screens. After all, your LED display Screen will only be as good as the content that you send it. Therefore, ensure that you only input high-quality video/static content that reflects your company or organization.

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