5 questions to Consider When Planning Your Virtual Event

With all the trade show technology trends, it can be difficult to decide whether virtual elements make sense for your brand. Before jumping into the hybrid realm, it is important to assess your needs by thinking through a few questions. The benefits should always outweigh the additional costs. Here are some questions to consider:

1. How well does a product or service translate to a virtual presentation?

One of the first things to consider is how a presentation might translate online. Simpler and higher-familiarity products and services work well virtually. A unique or more complicated message could get lost in translation if not communicated in person. Determining the complexity and newness of what you are trying to communicate will help you decide whether to present that information virtually or at your trade show booth.

2. Is brand awareness a main objective?

Building brand awareness is a process already done digitally, so a virtual component will broaden your visitor base. Leads may not improve, however, as virtual attendees are not always qualified (i.e., not the decision-maker or authority to purchase).

3. Who and where are your customers?

If most sales go to existing customers and many are unable to attend due to proximity, a virtual component makes sense. Using a virtual trade show booth allows you to inform customers about new features and generate excitement in the process.

4. Will you offer a tiered pricing model?

Consider strategic pricing of virtual attendance versus those attending in person. Perhaps it costs less to attend via video chat.

5. Should you work with an experiential agency?

If you are wondering how a virtual trade show works, experiential agencies have the expertise to provide the answer, as well as assess the effort and costs associated with virtual components. Discuss your plans and reasons for adding a virtual component. Your partner can help implement the right solution and keep you from buying into those trade show technology trends that fail to deliver the desired results.

Ultimately, determining your needs and then conducting a cost-and-benefit analysis will be the best way to proceed. You want to ensure all elements provide value and drive attendees further down the sales funnel.

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