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Did you know that LinkedIn can help drive more traffic to your trade show booth? Especially B2B brands maximize。

Trade show social media can help:

Increase brand awareness of your company and its involvement as an exhibitor.

Reinforce brand messaging.

Create sharable and quality content.

Drive more traffic to your booth.

Generate and engage prospective customers.

It is not only a great way to connect with your target audience at the show, but also to engage with potential customers who are unable to attend. You can bring the conversation from the show floor to your brand page by featuring exclusive or LIVE event content.

Social media is cost-effective and efficient — you can primarily leverage the materials you have already created for your booth. In this blog, we’ll examine 4 of the most important things to keep in mind.

Thought Leadership

Sharing Trade show content on your business page works to expand your page’s audience while also bolstering your company’s or employees’ positions as industry thought leaders. This contributes to building a stronger brand image that will help your organization stand out among competition.

Test Different Creative

When promoting Trade show events or speaking engagements, images also allow content to convey necessary information, such as location, date and time, so the post copy can be used to explain the benefit in downloading, registering or attending. This also offers another chance to test variations. Consider featuring headshots or photos of the team members participating or presenting in said events. In many cases, your audience may be more drawn to images with real people, which also helps with the aforementioned approach of establishing certain employees as company spokespeople.

Another aspect to consider is whether your content will have more impact featuring video or still imagery. As more social media users grow accustomed to video-focused content, it becomes an increasingly powerful tool for marketers. Video is unmatched when it comes to driving engagement, as it receives five times more than other content types on LinkedIn. Live video is especially beneficial, seeing 24 times the engagement.

Encourage Employee Participation

As the leading platform for professional networking, LinkedIn offers unique opportunities for individual employees. While it’s important for brands to showcase their own team members when applicable, it’s equally necessary for said employees to regularly interact with company page content using their own personal pages.

Doing so contributes to long-term goals of improved audience engagement and customer acquisition。

Use Hashtags Effectively

There’s no reason your content shouldn’t include relevant industry hashtags. In fact, I published another blog on the benefits of proper hashtag use and how they can help pages grow and spur more interactions. LinkedIn hashtag trends vary from other platforms, as the professional nature of its conversations influence which hashtags are used most frequently.. With this in mind, thoroughly researching hashtags to ensure that they’re being used often by the right people becomes even more important.

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