6 Tips to Trade Show Marketing!

How to do a good job in exhibition marketing? you need to develop an effective trade show marketing strategy, Here are the crucial steps to take.

1. Use your website, email, and social media

Your blog is excellent for informing your target audience about the upcoming trade show. You can create a dedicated landing page as well to highlight the event.

Email is another superb option. You can send a generic email blast or personalize each message to spark more interest. Make sure you include the link to your landing page.

Social media promotions can help you reach a broader audience. Create one or two relevant, memorable, easy-to-spell hashtags to spread the word faster.

2. Prepare marketing materials

You need high-quality marketing materials to promote your products or services. Keep the flyers, pamphlets, brochures, or other materials concise so that you can grab attention instantly and avoid overwhelming the consumers.

3. Design an attention-grabbing booth

Your trade show booth should reflect your brand values and compel people to stop by and engage with your brand (with the help of an expert contractor).

Design eye-catching signage, graphics, and other messaging opportunities to attract visitors. Create a comfortable seating area with refreshments and mobile charging stations to entice people to stay.

4. Plan in-booth presentations and product demos

Your in-booth presentations and product demos can make or break your trade show. Keep them short and sweet to drive engagement and sales. That means no unnecessary information and lengthy demonstrations. Highlight the most relevant features and benefits and make every demo exciting.

Avoid being too salesy because you might drive away many potential leads. They know you’re trying to sell, but they don’t want you to annoy them. Use soft-selling techniques and make conversations instead of pitches. That way, you’ll create a delightful experience and build meaningful relationships.

5. Create interactive experiences

The most successful trade shows offer incentives to compel visitors to stick around longer.

You can host a workshop, offer Q&A discussions, and prepare interactive media like VR games to create an unforgettable experience. Fun activities like contests and giveaways provide immersive experiences perfect for entertaining the visitors.

6. Give away useful freebies

Many exhibitors give away pens, keychains, phone cases, and other stuff that most people leave behind. Make an effort to prepare useful freebies that won’t end up in the trash.

Give away irresistible trade show swag like mobile device chargers, reusable water bottles, and leather notebooks. Creative T-shirts and exclusive offers, such as free eBooks and digital coupons, are always a good idea, too.


Trade show marketing can help you extend your reach, boost engagement, maximize lead generation and sales, and seize new partnership opportunities. Our tips above will help you enjoy all those benefits and get the most out of your future events.

Remember to follow up with all the leads and prospects after the show. Thank them for taking an interest in your brand, and use nurturing tactics to guide them through your sales funnel. You’ll convert them into customers before you know it because trade show attendees are a highly-targeted audience.

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