Custom Design Exhibition Stand Pros and Cons

If you are looking to separate yourselves from the crowd then a custom expo booth is one of the exhibition stand types you’d want to go because these can be crafted to suit your requirements exactly the way you want them. It is critical to communicate your priorities with your stand builder so they can offer their best solutions so you can get the most out of your stand and achieve the outcome you desire.


Maximum Impact

You have the flexibility to add branding to any surface by integrating it with the architectural elements for a highly professional result that represents your company. This can be a struggle to achieve with other systems, so if branding is important for your image, this will deliver.

Long-Term PR Benefits

A custom booth will generate great exposure and people will talk about your booth – this will then attract the attention of the media, who can then spread the news. This benefits both start-ups and established companies as this exposure can be reused for future marketing campaigns and boost awareness that your booth is the one to visit when attending events, it’s a win-win scenario.

Puts Competitors to Shame

All companies will go through a similar decision-making process; should they take the risk and go big or play it safe and go small? When you are up against your rivals (sometimes literally right next to each other), you’d want to be the envy of your competitors and make sure you are the one capturing the large majority of visitors to your booth and not theirs.


Not Affordable

When compared with other booth options, a custom stand will cost more as you will be paying for custom fabrication, palletised transport, onsite work, and potential storage costs post event if you plan to reuse the stand. You will just have to weigh up its overall visual impact and conversion rates against the other options of having something more standard. So you might be thinking, how much do exhibition stands cost. Well, each stand builder charges differently based on the way they operate, so we’d suggest just reaching out to a few and finding out what they can offer you.

Long Lead time

Because custom components are usually different for each booth, extra time is required to cover several stages such as design, engineering drawings, material availability, and fabrication time. All these factors must be accounted for, therefore if you leave it too late – there is no guarantee what you are after can be executable within the given timeframe. Depending on the complexity of the build, you would be looking at a lead time from 2-4 months.

Not Environmentally Friendly

Most custom stands are manufactured from MDF (which is typically not reusable), so once the event is over (with no plans to keep any of the components), these will be broken down into flat pieces and disposed of in skip bins, then taken away to a waste management centre or landfill.

In conclusion, do not make the decision alone when it comes to which booth type to choose. Get in contact with us at Maeander Exhibition and we’ll break down what your expectations are and will come up with a solution that will best meet your requirements.

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