Best Trade Show Swag Ideas for 2024

Creating memorable and useful trade show swag can significantly impact your brand’s presence and recognition. Here are some innovative and practical ideas for 2024:
Eco-Friendly Products:

Santorini Shopping Tote Bag:
Forty-three percent of recipients will keep and use a promo bag for two years or longer, according to the 2023 ASI Ad Impressions Study. So consider handing out this durable, reusable shopping tote they can use again and again. Attendees will appreciate having a lightweight tote that neatly stores pamphlets, brochures, souvenirs, and other marketing materials received throughout the event.
Bamboo Utensil Sets: Portable and sustainable utensil kits.

Tech Gadgets:
Portable Power Banks: Slim and lightweight power banks with high capacity.
iFold Phone Stand

This versatile folding phone and tablet stand with six adjustable positions is perfect for travel and trade shows. It’s a hassle-free giveaway that can easily slip into a pocket, purse, briefcase, or backpack, making it the perfect travel companion for all attendees.

Health and Wellness:
Reusable Water Bottles: High-quality, branded water bottles made from stainless steel.
Mini Massagers: Compact devices for muscle relaxation.
Sleep Masks: Comfortable, branded sleep masks for better rest.

Office Supplies:
Multi-Function Pens: Pens that double as stylus, flashlight, or screwdriver.
Custom Notebooks: High-quality notebooks with unique designs.
Cable Organizers: Branded organizers to keep charging cables tidy.

Personalized Items:
Custom Name Tags: Personalized with attendees’ names and company logos.
Custom Backs Playing Cards:Sometimes, the best trade show swag is simple. Think about timeless, classic products that you can put a fresh spin on with your branding like a deck of cards. Printed in full color on premium casino-grade linen playing card stock, these custom playing cards will vibrantly display your logo every time they’re opened for game night.
Engraved Keychains: High-quality metal keychains with custom engraving.

Innovative Packaging:
Subscription Boxes: Small sample boxes that give a taste of a subscription service.
Mystery Boxes: Boxes with a variety of small, branded items creating excitement about what’s inside.

Interactive Swag:
AR/VR Experiences: Items that include an AR/VR element, such as a branded VR viewer.
Custom Puzzles: Branded jigsaw puzzles or brain teasers.
Finding unique and useful event gifts is challenging, but it’s an important part of making sure attendees engage with and remember your brand. Get in touch if you’re looking for more hands-on support.
At Maeander Exhibition, we are dedicated to helping you create a memorable and effective trade show experience.

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