Fazzaco Expo Dubai Concludes with Remarkable Achievements

Fazzaco Expo Dubai

The 2-day event, which took place at Festival Arena, Festival City, Dubai on Oct 12-13, has drawn to a successful conclusion and brought together thousands of visitors across the forex, crypto, and fintech industries who were all impressed by the grand displays, lucky draw activities, and non-stop lectures.

Fazzaco Expo Dubai featured 50+ top-flight exhibitors, whose support and commitment brought the event to life. The Expo offered free access to the public and organized grand lucky draw, pre-party, award ceremony, and thought-provoking seminars, giving all attendees an intimate and unmatched experience. The event was widely praised among exhibitors.

Fazzaco Expo Dubai
(Testimonials from sponsors)
Fazzaco Expo Dubai
(Speaking highlights)
Fazzaco Expo Dubai
(A crowd of people surrounding booths)
Fazzaco Expo Dubai
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