How to Drive Traffic to Your Trade Show Booth?

How to Drive Traffic to Your Trade Show Booth? You can try the following method:

Exhibition Before:Use Social Media to Drive Traffic to Your Trade Show Booth
Unsurprisingly, social media has become the primary mode of getting the word out about your trade show event and encouraging people to visit you.

Reaching out to your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest audiences is the first step towards drumming up interest in your trade show booth. Use YouTube videos, Twitter hashtags, and Facebook live events to trigger hype and excitement around your trade show presence. Share plenty of new content around a month before the showdown, so that your followers have plenty to be intrigued about in the buildup to the event.

Exhibition During

Use social media in a way that will keep the conversation going even during and after the trade show. For instance, you can announce lucky draws for people who retweet your tweets, share your Facebook posts, or subscribe to your YouTube channel. You can also set up a live newscast from your booth to update your social media audience about the show’s goings-on and future events.

 You can make your social media marketing campaign more effective by combining it with proximity marketing. For instance, as soon as an attendee is close to your booth, you can send them a text on their phone about a game that you would like to play or a special offer that they can benefit from simply by stopping by. Also provide QR codes throughout the booth to make it easy for the attendees to locate you on social media and discover more about your business.

Once the show is over, do not forget to thank the attendees for visiting your booth. Make sure to share plenty of pictures and videos for anyone who may have missed the event.

Make it Comfortable 
Choose a Unique Theme to Drive Traffic to Your Trade Show Booth
If you want to incite the interest and curiosity of the attendees, you need to get creative with your trade show booth theme. The theme can be central to your message, or just add a bit of fun and liveliness to your booth. You could also pick a theme relevant to the location, time of year, or an ongoing trend.

Create a comfortable space so people hang around your booth, hear what you have to say and interact with other visitors. A booth with lots of visitors attracts even more visitors. 
Set up your booth (or an area of your booth) like a lounge or living room. Add floor mats as cushions for people who are standing in/around your booth. Add seating and make food and drinks available
Charging stations: Offer charging stations for phones, tablets and computers. Again, this helps to keep visitors to your booth hanging around
Workspace: Build workspaces where visitors can set up their computers to work, check email, etc. You can also use this space for meeting with prospects and customers

Lure Them In 

Pick the Right Location & Attract People to Your Booth
Use the map of the trade show location to pinpoint all the high-traffic points (for example: exits, entries, charger booths, restrooms, and snack stalls).

Another way to attract visitors is to have exciting things happening at your booth. Rather than just stand there giving your spiel to visitors, offers ways they can be entertained, interact with your brand and immerse themselves in your company.

Mini golf
Hire entertainment
Mini massages
Videos, polls and surveys on tablets

To learn more about designing/building the perfect trade booth, please feel free to check out our website.

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