How To Prepare For An Exhibition?

How To Prepare For An Exhibition? you need to questions to ask are:
How well established is the event and how will it be promoted?
What sort of visitors and how many market leaders attend?
Which Trade Bodies support the show?
What was the previous year’s attendance?
Which press and media attend?
What is included in the cost?

As is the case in most areas of business, planning represents the key factor in determining how things will go down on the day. Put simply, there’s really no such thing as being over-prepared when it comes to trade shows and exhibitions – being under-prepared on the other hand is almost guaranteed to seal your fate.

Once you have chosen your event, the first thing to do is appoint a show manager to have overall responsibility for organising the stand and show staff.
Decide on your objectives. Are you launching a new product or service, or raising company profile, or contacting a new market, or re-launching existing services, or conducting market research, or measuring the competition. What you want from a show will affect your decision on how to exhibit.
Fix a budget that includes stand hire and design, transport, security, insurance, catering, accommodation and the cost of all the follow up work. Remember, the cost of exhibiting is likely to be roughly four times the cost of the stand/space, so add in a 5% contingency to cover the unforeseen.
Finally book your site as far in advance as possible and choose your stand design and the products to be displayed.

Some planning tips
Produce a progress calendar and aim to begin your planning up to twelve months and not less than three months in advance.
The earlier you book your site the better the position you’ll get. Generally a central location is best as that’s where most visitors will want to go. Others gain from an entrance or exit position.
Remember the little things like vehicle passes and I.D. badges for staff.

Booth Preparation
We always advise our clients to have something of a ‘dry run’ before the big day itself. The simple reason being that your trade show booth will represent the first and in some cases the only impression hundreds of target audience members take home about your brand. Suffice to say, the more eye-catching and professional the stand is, the better. Have a think about things like TV Stands, stands with interactive Tablet PC holders, bright Pop-Up Banners and so on – anything that makes sure you cannot (and hopefully will not) be ignored.

Find out how easy a Build Exhibition Stands, by calling Maeander +971 4 558 8048 +8618692256785. We can show you examples of exhibition graphics and modular displays that have proven successful for others and suggest practical ways for you to make your show a success too.

Prepare Your Pitch
It’s of critical importance in the run-up to the exhibition to not only identify exactly what it is you intend to achieve, but to set very specific goals and outline how you intend to make it happen. From what it is you are offering to how this will be communicated to audience members to the provision of literature, special offers, free gifts and so on, to try and tackle these kinds of events without a comprehensive game plan is never a wise idea.

Choose Your Team Wisely
Last but not least, it’s also of pivotal importance to put plenty of time and thought into the matter of exactly whom you will choose to represent your business and your brand at the event. As these will be the individuals that give all target audience members their first real insight into who you are and what you do, the team needs to be made up solely of those who live, breathe and have real passion for your brand.

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