Printing Basics of Knowledge:What is Large Format Printing?

What is Large Format Printing?

Large format printing, also called wide format printing or grand format printing, is the process of printing graphics that are too big to be created using the printers available to the average consumer.  It requires the employment of specialists in designing and far larger printers than standard commercial units. In general, ‘wide-format printing’ is to be considered to be those with a max width of 18-100 inches.

What is large format printing used for?

This can vary from supplier to supplier, but normally, large format printing is employed to provide large graphics for marketing, branding, and advertising purposes. These can take many forms, but things like construction site hoarding graphics, fleet and vehicle vinyl wraps, and printed retail graphics and displays tend to be a number of the foremost common uses for the format.

What Are Some Examples of Large Format Printing?

Large format printing offers a full range of visual solutions to get your message out there. For example, your options include:


Wall graphics

Floor graphics

Window graphics

Yard signs

Building wraps

Vehicle wraps

Advertising flags



POP (Point of Purchase) and POS (Point of Sales) stands

Out-of-home advertising (billboards)

As you can see there’s an option for every budget: you may start small with a yard sign, or think big with an impressive wall graphic or a towering vinyl banner.

Keep in mind that these are only the most common large format printing products. It’s not unusual to arrive at customized solutions that underscore what’s unique about your brand.

What are the benefits of Large Format Printing?

There are many benefits to using large format printing for your printing projects. You will not only have the advantage of a large area to display your piece, but also the benefits of UV cured ink that will make your piece more durable and able to withstand elemental conditions such as rain, heat, and sunlight without incurring damage. Another benefit of large format printing is the ability to print on a number of substrates. You can print on almost anything that will fit through the carrier of the printer including:





Foam Board

Corrugated Plastic


No matter what your graphics needs, These can provide you with the benefits of durability as well as a large display area allowing your message and products to be eye-catching and provide you with the visibility you need to stand out.

Maeander Exhibition provides A wide range of Digital Printing service which offers you the lowest price per sqm, without compromising on the quality of the prints and material. Large format printing, not limited to Banner (Block out and Back-lit), Vinyl, Canvas, Roll-Up, One way Vision for your signage and branding.

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