Professional booth construction process

The construction of booth is a very important part of exhibitors’ participation in the exhibition. mainly includes the following aspects:

Communication is the prerequisite for exhibition design and construction services. The understanding of the basic situation of the company by the exhibition company affects the service quality of exhibition design and construction. Therefore, when providing exhibition design and construction services for exhibitors, they must conduct detailed negotiations with exhibitors to understand the relevant corporate culture and products of the exhibitors. Features, exhibition content, booth area, etc., as well as the requirements and suggestions of exhibitors for the design and construction of booth, so as to further determine the theme of the exhibition design and construction.

Design is the key to exhibition design and construction services. The design will usually be designed according to the actual situation of the company, which can fully reflect the company’s culture, characteristics and brand image, and show it to a greater extent Create beautiful, usable, artistic and unique effects. Then deliver the first draft of the design to the customer, adjust according to the customer’s suggestions and feedback, and finally determine the design plan, and the two parties sign the contract.

Exhibition equipment production and booth construction are the focus of exhibition design and construction services.
Professional booth construction process

1. After entering the exhibition hall and finding the booth, lay the ground first, such as carpets, platforms, etc.

2. After the ground is laid, the main structure of the display rack will be combined and installed, generally starting from the background board.

3. After installing the main structure, install various exhibits.

4. After the main part is built, wiring and lighting equipment can be installed.

5. Artwork and inkjet can be installed after the main body and exhibits are completed.

6. After the main structure and exhibition equipment are installed, the customer can arrange the exhibits. Generally, they are placed in the order of up and down, first and then front, first high and then low, so as to avoid illegal operations and finally useless.

7. After the exhibits are arranged, they should be checked in time to adjust the exhibits to the best condition.

8. Finally, do the cleaning work, clean the venue, seal off the exhibition area with tape before leaving, and take pictures for file.

Post-service is the guarantee of exhibition design and construction services. For exhibitors’ problems concerning the design and construction of the exhibition during the exhibition, professional personnel should be dispatched to assist in solving them in a timely manner, so that the exhibitors can proceed smoothly and successfully during the exhibition, and for exhibitors to move more efficiently.And also provide exhibitors with dismantling services.

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