What is a Stand Builder? and How to design a stand

Booth construction is one of the indispensable tasks in the process of participating in an exhibition, and it is usually combined with booth design and construction.

What is a Stand Builder?
To understand what a stand builder is, we first need to look at what an exhibition stand is.
An exhibition stand is set up at trade shows to showcase a brand’s products and services. A good exhibition stand will convey the brand’s products to customers in a way that is informative, appealing and convenient.
With the right exhibition stand at trade shows customers will leave with an increased interest in the brands products and services which will subsequently drive further sales.
Creating an exhibition stand may sound straightforward, but there are many elements that go into designing a stand that sells.

So now that we know what an exhibition stand is, how do we create one that reflects our brand? This is where a stand builder comes into the picture.
To put it in layman terms, a stand builder is someone who designs, constructs and assembles exhibition stands. They are professional consultants and construction specialists who provide expert advice and service on all the practical details of designing an exhibition stand.
A stand builder can draw from years of experience as well as knowledge on aspects like current market trends. This simplifies and streamlines the process of designing a stand. By hiring a stand builder companies can focus their time and resources on strategy while the stand builder takes care of all the practical aspects.
How do Stand Builders design exhibition stands?
Stand builders are the project managers of an exhibition stand. They oversee every stage of the stand’s development to ensure that plans go smoothly.
What do each of these stages entail?
The stages involved in designing an exhibition stand are as follows:

  1. Concept Development
    During the concept development stage stand builders seek to understand the brands goals, objectives and ideas.
    This part of the phase involves the stand builder and client openly discussing ideas for the stand that align with the company’s budget, floor space and location for the booth. Based on the brand’s ideas the stand builder will analyse how to draw out the maximum potential of these factors to bring your ideas to life in a way that’s impactful yet realistic.
    Finalising the concept to create a striking yet achievable and functional exhibition stand will take some time, but with a skilled stand builder it’s doable.
  2. Installation: Achieving The Brands Vision
    When a final concept has been established construction of the stand can commence. This is the stage where the brand’s vision is brought into reality.
    It includes aspects like sourcing, putting together, and installing all the necessary equipment and technology. The connections of an experienced stand builder will ensure that the materials used will be of an exceptional quality that reflects the professionalism of the brand and wows potential customers.
    The final stages will involve implementing all the finishing touches that make a company’s booth stand out amongst the crowd and attract all the customers.

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