What to Look for When Renting a Turnkey Booth?

Renting a turnkey booth for a trade show or event can be a great way to make a strong impression without the hassle of managing all the details yourself. Here are some key factors to consider when renting a turnkey booth:

  1. Turnkey Booth:Design and Customization
    Aesthetic Appeal: Ensure the booth design aligns with your brand identity and stands out at the event.
    Customization Options: Check if you can customize the booth to include your logos, brand colors, and other specific design elements.
    Size: Make sure the booth size fits your needs and the space allocated at the event.
    Layout: Consider the layout for optimal traffic flow and visibility. Ensure it accommodates your planned activities (demos, meetings, etc.).
  2. Turnkey Booth: Complete Furniture Setup
    Furniture and Fixtures: Ensure the booth comes with necessary furniture such as tables, chairs, display counters, and storage.
    Technology: Look for included AV equipment like monitors, speakers, and lighting.
    Internet Access: Check if Wi-Fi is provided or if you need to arrange it separately.
  3. Turnkey Booth: Branding Opportunities
    Look for a turnkey package that offers customization like logo signage, banner stands, or digital displays to reinforce branding. This allows creativity in showcasing your unique identity.
  4. Turnkey Booth: Included Services
    Setup and Dismantling: Confirm that the rental includes setup and dismantling services to save you time and effort.
    Lead Time: Ensure the provider can meet your timeline and has availability for your event dates.
    Logistics: Check if transportation of the booth to and from the event is included.
    On-site Support: Verify if there will be on-site support during the event for any issues that may arise.
  5. Turnkey Booth: Cost and Payment Terms
    Rental Cost: Compare costs between providers to ensure you get a competitive rate.
    Additional Fees: Be aware of any additional fees for services like electricity, internet, or extra furnishings.
    Payment Terms: Understand the payment schedule and any cancellation policies.
  6. Turnkey Booth:Compliance and Regulations
    Event Guidelines: Make sure the booth complies with the event’s regulations and guidelines.
    Safety Standards: Verify that the booth meets all necessary safety standards.
    Scrutinizing these aspects will help guarantee your rental turnkey booth checks all the boxes for a successful show presence.
    Turnkey Booth FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)
    Here are the most often-asked questions about turnkey booth rentals.
    What do our turnkey booth rental packages include?
    Our turnkey rentals provide all required furniture, electrical, lighting, flooring, basic displays and backwalls to create a seamless booth setup so exhibitors can simply show up ready to demonstrate and network.
    How are our turnkey booth rentals different than exhibitors setting up their own booth?
    We handle the full booth assembly and configuration so exhibitors don’t have to worry about laborious setup and can focus entirely on attracting attendees during show hours.
    How far in advance should clients book our turnkey rentals?
    We recommend booking turnkey rentals with us 3-6 months prior to the show date in order to guarantee preferred configuration availability and timely onsite delivery amidst move-in.
    What does setup and tear down of our turnkey rentals entail?
    We handle the complete physical construction of the preselected rental components onsite, as well as subsequent dismantling and clear out post-show – clients perform no booth labor whatsoever.

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