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Trade Show Roll Up Banner Sizes Guide

Roll-up banner is an important publicity tool. It consists of a poster and a stand. Roll-up banners are frequently used and are one of the common portable exhibits. Today let’s take a look at the commonly used sizes for designing roll-up banners.What is a pull up banner?Before we start talking about sizes, let’s make sure we’re all on the same page.A pull up banner is a portable backdrop which consists of a retractable pull up graphic and a base unit that allows the graphic to roll into and out of – hence the name pull up or roller banners.This simple roller mechanism allows the banner to be safely stored and transported when retracted, and provides a stable base to keep...


What is an exhibition stand? Booth design and construction purpose

By definition, an exhibition stand simply means a well-designed structure used by brands in exhibitions to showcase their products and services. Sounds simple, right? Well, it’s not as simple as you think. An attractive and well-though-of exhibition stand is always designed by experts, meaning exhibition stand builders. These exhibition stand designs are constructed in such a way that it allows businesses to represent their products and services in the most professional and appealing way. It’s a platform where sales professionals can give their customers a detailed insight into their products and services. These exhibition booths are designed in a way that brands to communicate and demonstrate their products and services in the most convenient manner, which eventually leads to more...