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There is much more to attending a trade show than standing near your trade show displays, passing out pamphlets and shaking hands. Trade show display materials – freestanding displays, tabletop displays, trade show booth graphics and banners – are basic and vital tools that can mean the difference between a successful trade show and a dismal showing for your company.

Why Trade Show Sign important?

People are going to see your trade show booth sign before they have a chance to speak with you and learn more about your company.

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How do you make a trade show booth stand out?

One way to help your booth stand out is with a high quality trade show background. Backgrounds draw the eye and create atmosphere. Trade show booth design doesn’t have to be complicated. A stunning image or catchy line will leave people wanting more and will draw them over to your booth.

What should be on a trade show banner?

The short answer, only what’s needed. You’ve got a great company that offers a great product. The temptation is to share everything you can do for a potential customer. Problem is, your message gets lost in all the noise. Keep your banner simple and clean.

Your trade show banner should convey a message. This doesn’t necessarily mean in words. With the right design an banner will quickly convey your message and drive the viewer to act.

How to Choose the Right Banner Material

What material should you use? Here’s a handy guide on the most common banner material types and their corresponding uses.

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